5 of the best French dishes

31 Jul 2018

French foodFrench cuisine is favoured internationally, and although many have tried to replicate traditional French dishes in all their glory, very few have succeeded! There obviously is no better place to try out the delicious meals than in the country of origin itself, so plan your trip well and drop by some restaurants in France to make your holiday that much more enjoyable. We’re listing some of the lighter and most popular French dishes:

Soupe à l’oignon
French onion soup is among the most popular dishes to try when visiting the French capital. The modern version originated in Paris in the 18th century. It is usually based on meat stock and onions, often served with croutons and cheese melted on top.

A croque-monsieur is generally ordered as a quick snack at a café or bar, but don’t be fooled – this baked ham and cheese sandwich is a filling one. It will often be served with a side of salad or fries. Croque-madame is a variant of the dish, with the only difference being a fried egg topping.

Snails are a commonly-served starter in many countries, but the French recipe is renown. The land snails are generally cooked with garlic butter, chicken stock or wine. The infamous garlicky sauce is what will keep you coming back for more.

Oeufs en Meurette
This dish consists of poached eggs cooked in a red-wine sauce, layered with the flavour of pork, mushrooms and onions. It is ideal for brunch, and best consumed with some of the finest French bread.

This French dessert is made up of a large baked ring that is made of choux pastry, praline-flavoured cream, flaked almonds and powdered sugar. It is one of the most popular desserts – not just in France, but also worldwide.