70k jobs unfilled in travel and tourism sector

04 Aug 2022

The recovery of the travel and tourism industry in France is at risk, with around 70,000 jobs remaining unfilled across the country.

This is according to a new report published by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), which looks into labour shortages in France and other key travel and tourism locations, including Spain, Italy, the UK and U.S.

The global tourism organisation has also indicated that the supply of jobs may not match heightened travel demand within the sector, which is forecast to near pre-Covid levels by the end of Q3 this year.

This data shows there may be a shortfall of 71,000 jobs in France, with one in 19 vacancies to remain unfilled in 2022.

Ahead of the pandemic, over 1.3 million people were employed within France’s travel and tourism industry, and by 2020, close to 175,000 people had lost their jobs.

The country’s recovery started in 2021 with a 40.6% rise in the sector’s contribution to the national economy, Schengen Visa Info reports.

France’s aviation industry is forecast to be one of the worst impacted, as it struggles to find applicants for close to 38% of vacancies. In addition, travel agencies may face staff shortages of 39%.

According to WTTC president and CEO, Julia Simpson, the sector requires additional staff to fulfil current demand, taking into account the widespread travel disruption.

“If these 71,000 jobs remain unfilled, they could threaten the revival of travel and tourism businesses up and down the country, which have struggled for more than two years from the impact of the pandemic,” she stated.