Election: Le Pen vows to "give money back to the French" 

07 Apr 2022

Ahead of the first round of the presidential election in France on Sunday, far-right candidate Marine Le Pen rebuffed market jitters by saying her “serious” agenda was focused on voters, not markets.

Le Pen closed the gap sufficiently in opinion polls this week for a win to be within the margin of error.

On Thursday, Le Pen told RTL Radio that her programme was strong and is aimed at supporting businesses and to "give money back to the French" by reducing VAT.

"The policies I want to implement are not meant for the stock markets, which will be a change from Emmanuel Macron. It's not the markets that create jobs, it's not international finance,” she stated.

French president Macron is still in the lead in opinion polls, Reuters reports. Yet even some of his supporters have stated a Le Pen victory could be possible.

Uncertainty is fuelled by a likely high amount of abstention.

"There is a dynamic in favour of Marine Le Pen," said Ifop pollsters' Frederic Dabi, who went on to say she may surpass Macron to head up the first round. "The second round will be very tight," he continued.

President Macron’s campaign retaliated on Thursday. Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said to Franceinfo: "I want people to realise what France would be like under Marine Le Pen. There would be more inflation.

"And there would be less sovereignty, because we would be allies of Russia, of Vladimir Putin," he added, attacking the far-right candidate over her admiration of Putin, which she has toned down since the war in Ukraine.

Macron is focusing his campaign on purchasing power, which Le Pen has been concentrating on for several months. On Wednesday the president pledged to hike pensions.