France and Russia working to strengthen ties

09 Sep 2019

After a meeting with the Russian foreign minister in Moscow on Monday, France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian suggested that Paris is looking to rebuild and strengthen ties with Russia. 

French Defense Minister Florence Parly joined Le Drian in the meeting which concluded that both France and Russia are willing to reach an agreement and resume their work together. The two countries had not been in talks since 2014, but Le Drian explained, ‘We have come to suggest, in the name of the president of the republic, a new agenda of trust and security.’ Parly added to say, ‘It is important to talk to each other, to avoid misunderstanding and friction.’ 

Other than to increase trust and security, Le Drian said that eased tensions would boost the European security, saying, ‘"The time has come, the time is right, to work towards reducing the distrust between Russia and Europe, who ought to be partners on a strategic and economic level.’ The Foreign Minister stated, ‘It’s a new atmosphere which we haven’t seen for many years… That’s why we welcome it.’ 

Additionally, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that strengthened ties are ‘possible and necessary.’