France to announce second lockdown

28 Oct 2020

According to unnamed government sources, France is set to go into another nationwide lockdown starting Thursday. The French media was told that the upcoming lockdown will last at least four weeks. 

This measure will be taken to combat exploding numbers of Covid-19 cases. France is also expected to follow Italy, Spain and Belgium in extending curfews to mitigate the impact of the virus. 

The French President, Emmanuel Macron will be addressing the public tonight to announce the country’s latest measures. The new restrictions will be finailised this morning during an emergency Defence Council meeting hosted by Macron at the Elysées Palace.

The coronavirus is  “galloping at a frightening pace,” an unnamed senior minister said.

The new lockdown is said to be different from the previous, with kindergartens and primary schools remaining open, whereas universities are to close.

Furthermore, the French will not be confined to their homes throughout the duration of the lockdown. 

All non-essential businesses will be closed, reports suggested, with public services and construction work continuing. Authorities are expected to further encourage firms to promote working from home. 

Social life seems to be targeted in the new measures amid the spike in coronavirus cases. Some hinted that the rules were created to prevent people from making a weekend getaway.